A Thankful Post

I write this as I am on vacation.  Less than 6 inches away from me, the temperature is -17 degrees F, but where I sit, it is a considerably warmer 70 degrees.  Here in 2015, we have many modern conveniences that protect us from the elements, not the least of which is artificial heating (oil, natural gas, etc).  200 years ago, heck even 100 years ago, such cold could likely mean a death sentence for people, even those who were fairly well off.

We are the global 1%.  We are insanely wealthy.  The poorest of the poor in America still live better than 80% of the world (let that sink in for a moment).  This is not due to government aid; countries far poorer than the US have far more generous welfare and social supports.  It is not due to government managing the economy; countries richer than the US have been made poorer by government managing.  It is due to the butcher, baker, and brewer acting in regard to their own self-interest (to paraphrase Adam Smith).  All the comforts we have and are able to purchase comes from markets and profit-motive, not the benevolence of “enlightened rulers.”

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  1. Well I am thankful to have read this. There are so many things we take for granted as individuals that it is good to be reminded of how good we have it, in relative terms.

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