Why I’m Not Concerned About the Wage Gap

Mostly because it doesn’t exist.  Numerous studies from organizations of all stripes have found that the widely reported 23 cent wage gap between Men and Women doesn’t actually exist.  When all factors are taken into account (education, benefits, tenure, similar positions), the gap narrows to about 6 cents.  So does that prove discrimination?  No…not really.  A 2009 Department of Labor study found that the gap “may be almost entirely the result of individual choices being made by both male and female workers.”

Now, it is entirely possible that the 6 cents is discrimination.  I have no doubt that there are some business people who do discriminate against women, but by doing so, they harm themselves.

Let’s look at this argument from a logical perspective.  If, indeed, businessmen are after profits and only profits, and if indeed women are well-underpaid for the same work, a businessman would simply fire all his male workers, replace them with women for a significantly lower cost, and enjoy a huge market advantage.  Given the fact that no one is doing this, it would suggest one of two things: 1) businesses are not greedy; they are contemptuous of women and would willingly sacrifice profits in order to discriminate or 2) there really is no wage gap.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Concerned About the Wage Gap

  1. ” I have no doubt that there are some business people who do discriminate against women, but by doing so, they harm themselves.”

    I don’t know Jon. Perhaps you should reserve a bit of doubt because the labor pool being what it is, it is entirely possible that a business man can discriminate against women and never suffer a Pfennig’s worth of loss.


    • The value of the women’s labor will be lost to another firm.
      The fact of the matter is that women often enter into marriage and prioritize their marriage, creation of a family, and child rearing. This means taking time off from career, reducing availability to career, and turning down advancement opportunities which require more responsibilities, travel, hours worked, etc. Moreover, the larger the family, the less time and commitment a woman will have to devote toward a career. This is beneficial to charlatans proclaiming that your love and respect for their addressing this issue should translate into elected government positions. Especially, since women are the natural child rearing gender and are the only ones biologically capable of giving birth. This means the “problem” shall always be available for exploitation.


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