Markets: Getting Sh*t Done

Check this out:



This chart is Total Energy Co2 Emissions by the US (energy emissions account for the majority of CO2 emissions).  The US, as you can see, is releasing fewer and fewer emissions.  In fact, the 2013 level is the same as the early 90’s.

Why is this?  It’s not due to government regulations.  It’s due to markets, specifically fracking.  Fracking (the process of removing natural gas and oil from shale), has released copious amounts of natural gas and oil to US miners, in turn reducing the price of these commodities.  In fact, it has reduced prices so much, natural gas has become a much cheaper alternative for fuel than coal, in turn prompting many coal power plants to shift over to natural gas.  Natural gas burns much cleaner than coal, so this means less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

So, while politicians bicker and argue, markets are actually doing something about it.  The same goes for wages, poverty, safety, child labor, your name it.

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