The Essential Hayek

The Fraser Institute and Don Boudreaux (friend of the blog) are working on a project to bring the works of FA Hayek into the modern world and make them easily accessible to folks.  Today, their new website, The Essential Hayek, goes live.  I am very excited about this.  Hayek is not an easy read.  His language is very flowery and can be difficult to understand.  By translating his ideas into simple English, Don is doing a great service to economics and philosophy students the world over.  I strongly urge you to check out the website as well as the book companion.

3 thoughts on “The Essential Hayek

  1. This is indeed great news. As much as I have wanted to finish and fully appreciate and understand his works I have not done well at it. And though I’m no genius, for sure, I consider myself relatively intelligent (though less so when attempting to read the likes of Hayek and Mises! :-/ ) It’s just a different language at some point.


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