A Letter to New Hampshire’s Senators

To: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen and Sen. Kelly Ayotte

Dear Madam Senators,

An economic crisis faces New Hampshire.  Throughout our state, workers are facing pressure from out-of-towners.  These out-of-towners are coming in from the suburbs and outlying towns to Manchester, Salem, Concord, and other population centers and taking jobs from the local population.  Senators, this issue is not just in our state, but throughout the United States.  I insist you introduce legislation that bans companies from hiring out-of-towners; Manchester firms must hire Manchester citizens.  Concord firms must hire Concord citizens.  Salem firms must hire Salem citizens.  This will keep jobs and money in our local communities instead of people coming from other places, using all the city’s resources, and then take their income away.  Out-of-towners are a burden on our communities and it needs to stop.

Jon Murphy,

Concord, NH

7 thoughts on “A Letter to New Hampshire’s Senators

  1. Jon, writing letters to your elected officials and getting generic form letters in return is a great way to discover just how valuable your input to the democratic process really is to those folks. 🙂

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  2. I assume this is tongue in cheek, Jon. We know that legislators should only be encouraged to stay in bed and out of the economy.


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