Be the Best You Can Be

My background check came back today and all the paperwork was processed.  I am now officially a driver for Uber.  Since Uber first appeared, I was amazed by its simplicity and efficiency.  In many ways, it embodies why the free market is so great: it’s challenging the political and economic power of entrenched taxi cartels, and it’s helping ordinary people improve their lives.

This is why I’m driving for Uber.  I don’t really need the extra money (although it never hurts).  This is my way of standing up to the taxi cartels and crony capitalism.  I rebel by being successful, despite the machinations of those who would stop me.

6 thoughts on “Be the Best You Can Be

    • That’s the nice thing about Uber, Ron: I drive on my own schedule. If I’m bored on a Saturday, I can drive and make a few extra bucks. After work but don’t want to go home? Drive for an hour or two.

      The commitment is minimal, so I can do what I please (as long as I drive once every month).


  1. I’m glad to hear that there are uber drivers intent on making this a quality company.

    However, how would you respond — as a human being — to allegations that Uber has allowed sexual assault by their drivers to go unchecked and unpunished? Do you think that Uber has done enough to prevent sexual assault from happening again in America?


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