How I Live Like A Rockefeller

This morning I woke up to the gentle nudging of my alarm clock.  I got out of bed, got into my gym clothes, and went and did a session in my living room with my personal trainer.  Afterward, we had a cool down session and then got into the shower, with the water pleasantly heated just the way I like it by another servant.  Afterwards, I made some breakfast (I do love to cook), and instructed one servant to make sure the dishes were clean and another to feed the cat and a third to clean her litter box while I was at the office.  On my way to and from the office, I was able to listen to some of my favorite artists playing my favorite songs.  When I got home, I instructed yet another servant to do my laundry while I sit here and write this blog with my cat on my lap.  Later tonight, I think I’ll catch some Spring Training baseball action in Florida from my personal luxury box.

And all this on a middle class salary.

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