Some Brexit Thoughts

I should note that all these bullet points are under the assumption that Britain does indeed leave the EU.  Yesterday’s vote does not guarantee any such thing.

  • On the whole, I am pleased.  I always like to see independence achieved.  Of course, I like to see it achieved on a smaller, more individual scale
  • Hopefully, Brexit helps Britain expand their markets.  With no need to negotiate everything through Brussels, may help speed up the process
  • Today’s “market chaos” not really a big deal.  Correction, not apocalypse


  • The return of nationalism to Britain
  • Britain uses its new freedom of negotiation to become less open, not more
  • Anti-immigration backlash since they no longer need to follow the de facto open border agreements with Europe

What I think is likely:

  • In negotiating with Brussels to leave the EU, Britain keeps in place their free trade agreement with the Continent
  • Likely tighter immigration but shouldn’t be the massive backlash some are expecting

Lots to think about.  Lots of bad information out there.  To quote British columnist (and friend of the blog) Tim Worstall: “Remember your Douglas Adams: Don’t Panic.”

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