I Feel Like A Real Scholar Now

If you are interested in my academic work, be sure to check out my SSRN page for my latest research.  It’s sparse right now, but as I write and publish more papers, it will expand.

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      • Ah. OK. In the first sentence of abstract “Krugers” should be “Krueger’s”. Second sentence of abstract “Card-Kruger” should be Card-Krueger”. In section 1.3 ” While the two counties are not adjacent, they bare bear other

        I wasn’t looking for them, but those 3 just jumped out at me.


        • Thanks! I figured the apostrophe would catch your eye. Caught mine, too. Thing is, the program I used to write the paper (LaTex) won’t make it appear. It’s in my code, but not showing up in the PDF. So, I figure I’ll work it out before I send it to a big publication, but for a working paper, it’s fine


  1. Jon,

    Several comments: First, do not be discouraged by not finding a statistically significant result. That is a sign of intellectual honesty, sound design, and honest execution of your project. Far more social science projects should get this result than actually do. There is far too much data mining and fudging of data in the field. I am sure you are aware of the replication crisis in the social sciences.

    I think that the firing aversion you cite as a possible factor is very real. I was always far too slow to fire people because I worried it would be bad for morale at my business. I worried it would make other employees think it wasn’t a safe place to work. In every case I erred in the non-firing direction and, after I fired someone, most other employees asked me what took so long and said they had started to wonder whether or not I was paying attention to who was performing and who wasn’t. Morale improved after the firings. Nevertheless, firing aversion is real. Especially when you are firing people because you can’t afford them even though they are performing well. Firing people is unpleasant.

    Finally, there are versions of Austrian economics that are hostile to mathematical analysis of economic issues. I see that you do not share this phobia.

    Good luck in your future research.


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