A Politcal Survey (Guest Post)

What follows is a guest post by Brandon Marshall, a grad student at Stoney Brook:

My name is Brandon Marshall, and I’m a graduate student from Stony Brook University. I research political parties and partisan attitudes. I’ve recently begun a project on how people react to messages from political parties and other organizations, and as part of that project I’m gathering survey data from people who read and comment on political blogs. More information about the survey is on the consent form, but briefly it should take about 15-20 minutes and covers a variety of political attitudes. For anyone who is concerned, the information is anonymous and will be presented in aggregated form.

Click the link below to begin the survey:


Note: This study has been approved by Stony Brook University’s Institutional Review Board protecting research involving human subjects.

JMM: Please do take a few minutes to help a fellow grad student out.