Some Links

Here are some of the blogs I like to read:

Cafe Hayek:  Written by Dr. Don Boudreaux (George Mason University) and Russ Roberts (Hoover Institute), it is a free-market based blog focused on the impact of policy and politics on the economic world and the individual.

Carpe Diem:  Written by Dr. Mark Perry (University of Michigan), this blog is also free-market focused, analyzing current events.

Bleeding Heart Libertarians: Free markets and Social Justice

The Library of Economics and Liberty: A very good resource for information on economic concepts, figures, and history.  Be sure to check out the podcast Econtalk with Russ Roberts as well as their blog!

Liberty Law Blog: An interesting collection of blog posts, writings, and podcasts looking at American law.  The blog is from the perspective of jurists, rather than economists.



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