Low-Cost Economics Resources

I love economics.  It brings me joy both to learn and to teach it.  It permeates my thinking on just about everything.

As such, I want to bring that light to the world.  I’ve begun compiling a list of low-monetary-cost books and resources for non-economists who are nevertheless interested in this beautiful subject.  My basic criteria are books under $30 and “would I give this book to my grandmother?”  What follows is (in no particular order) that list.  It is incomplete and I hope to add more.  Keep coming back!

  1. Universal Economics by Armen Alchian and William Allen
  2. The Armchair Economist by Steven Landsburg
  3. Homer Economicus edited by Josh Hall
  4. Living Economics by Peter Boettke
  5. Economic Sophisms by Frederic Bastiat (also available free here)